Monkey in the Middle Zookeepers are the key to our successful sales! Simply said… We need our responsible, hard working, prompt, friendly Zookeepers in order to make our sale work!

Zookeeper Volunteers at Monkey in the Middle Consignment Event

Why Volunteer to be a Zookeeper?

Because we are bananas for our Zookeepers, they get some amazing perks!! Simply by volunteering a few hours you can get admission to our Banana Bash Pre-Sale. At the Banana Bash you are the first to shop our amazing array of high quality merchandise before we open to the general public! Consignors who volunteer to work two or more shifts also get to earn an extra 5% profit for their sold merchandise! Work a 3rd 3 hour shift and shop before the public at the 1/2 off Pre Sale Saturday night. 

You don't have to be a consignor in order to volunteer and get to shop the Banana Bash Pre Sale!! We also offer lighter Zookeeper duties for pregnant mamas and others who might have physical limitations. Feel free to contact us in order to discuss a duty that will work for you. The benefits of volunteering are too good to miss!!

Don't see a shift that works for you... Email us with your availability and we will see what we can do!

Click here to schedule your Zookeeper shift

Zookeeper Perks

Become a  Zookeep volunteer and shop before the public at our Banana Bash, giving you the best selection on the 1,000’s of High Quality items!  Each volunteer shift is 3 hours. The more you volunteer… the better the perks!!

Volunteers who work:
  • 1- 3-hour shift shop the Banana Bash Pre Sale from 5pm - 7pm.
  • 2- 3-hour shifts shop the Banana Bash Pre Sale from 3pm - 5pm. Consignors additionally earn 5% profit of their sold merchandise and shop the NEW ½ off sale Sunday morning 9am - 10am before the public.
  • 3 or more- 3-hour shifts shop the Banana Bash Pre Sale from 3pm - 5pm and shop the NEW ½ off sale Saturday evening 6pm - 7pm before the public.


Zookeeper Duties

Duties range from checking in merchandise, setting up the sales floor, greeting customers, working/maintaining the sales floor, check out, to post-sale sorting of merchandise! We offer lighter Zookeeper Duties for pregnant mamas and others who have physical limitations.

We always welcome men to volunteer since there will be some Zookeeper duties that require a little (ok a lot) of muscle. Contact us with any special concerns and we can try to find a Zookeeper duty that works for you!

Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God's grace in its various forms.
-1 Peter 4:10

Zookeeper Policies

In order to offer our consignors, buyers, and volunteers the best selling ,shopping, and working experience in a well organized, safe, and fun environment it is important that volunteers are mindful of the following Zookeeper Policies:

  • First and foremost…HAVE FUN!! Yes, you are working and there are very important duties to be done…but we want you to enjoy being a Zookeeper!
  • Volunteers must be friendly, enthusiastic, and prompt.
  • Volunteer shifts are available on a first come-first serve basis.
  • Non-Consignor Volunteers are asked to sign up for at least one shift before the Banana Bash Pre Sale in order to attend.
  • Please wear comfortable clothes and shoes to your Zookeeper Shift.
  • We ask that you arrange for childcare during your scheduled volunteer shift(s). As a Zookeeper you will need all of your attention focused on your volunteer duties. This is a safety precaution for your children and a break for you. Some parents team up with other families to work different shifts and swap kiddos.
  • All volunteers must check in prior to the start of their shift. Showing up on time for your shift helps ensure an efficient transition between Zookeepers.
  • During their volunteer shift volunteers are not allowed to shop or pull items off of the sales floor for themselves. Those volunteers who choose to do so will be asked to leave and forfeit their Zookeeper Perks.
  • We require 48 Hour Notice if you plan on cancelling your shift. Please note that you can try to switch shifts with other volunteers if you are unable to make your shift.*
  • Those who do not show up for their shift will be assessed a $25 penalty. In order to attend the Banana Bash they will need to make up their shift prior to the Pre Sale.*
  • Those who do not show up for 2 shifts unfortunately will no longer be able to volunteer for future Monkey in the Middle Consignment Events.

*Please note that we are fully aware and sensitive to the fact that unforeseen or uncontrollable circumstances do arise. We will take into account these circumstances on a case by case basis.