Frequently Asked Questions for Consignors

Can I donate my unsold items?

Can I hand-write my tags?

Can I sell in more than one of your sales?

Do I need to be present at the sale to consign my items?

How can I consign my items?

How can I find out which items sold?

How do I price my items?

How many items may I consign?

How much will I make?

What do you mean by Seasonally Acceptable?

What if I can’t pick up my items the last day of the sale?

What if I registered to consign but am no longer able to participate?

What is consignment?

What is the Drop Off/ Check-in process?

What Items Do You Accept?

When will I get my money?

Why are you so strict about quality? Why can’t I sell “play clothes”?

Why do I need to give a detailed description on tags?

Why is there a $15 Registration Fee?

Will I get my hangers back?