Drop Off Procedures

Drop Offs for the 2017 Spring/Summer Sales Event are:

Sunday, March 26: 4p - 9p
Monday, March 27: 9a - 9p
Tuesday, March 28: 9a - 9p
Wednesday, March 29: 10a -10p
Thursday, March 30: 7a - 12p

Drop off should take no more than 30 minutes depending on the number of items you are consigning.  If you have more than 300 items you will need more than 1 drop off shift.  Please email lucy@monkeyinthemiddleconsignmentevent.com to sign up for more than 1 drop off shift.

  • Be sure you registered for a drop off appointment
  • Print out your ACCURATE entered inventory, Consignor Agreement and crib checklist (if applicable).  Be advised that there is a $3 service fee if you do not bring the printed items to your drop off appointment.
  • Arrive 5 minutes before your scheduled appointment


You will Need:

  • All your  entered and tagged items
  • All items ready for the sale floor in accordance with the preparation and tagging guidelines
  • Have clothing items sorted by gender and size.  (Please note that if your items are not sorted you will be asked to step aside and do so while we take the next appointment.)
  • Assemble All Large Items and Furniture prior to your Drop Off time

If you arrive late or you do not have your items fully prepared, per the item preparation guide, at your scheduled drop-off appointment time you will be asked to move to the waiting line.  We will do our best to check in your items as quickly as there is availability.

We ask that you please make every effort to make it to your scheduled appointment, but if you are unable or arrive late you can still come and wait in line and we will fit you in as quickly as possible.


    1. Bring your items to an Inspection station

    Zookeepers will ask for your printed inventory report and begin inspection of  your items. Items will be approved or declined according to our accepted items guidelines.  All items are accepted and declined at the Zookeepers discretion and ultimately the Monkey in the Middle Sale Owners. Your printed inventory list will then be changed to reflect the items not accepted, an inventory count will be completed and you will sign your release on the consignor agreement.

  • Consignors must be present while their items are being inspected.

Please don’t be offended if we turn away some of your items, keeping our quality level standards extremely high is beneficial for all buyers and sellers. We will share with you the reason we are not accepting the item.   You will be given the opportunity to clean, and re-hang or tag the item to meet the accepted guidelines. If we are busy we may ask that you help us by putting your checked and approved items out on the sale floor while you wait.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  We WILL NOT accept any recalled items, please visit CSPSC to verify that your item is not recalled or subject to an upcoming or pending recall.  All cribs must be in accordance with the crib checklist 

2. Checkout 

We verify that all signatures are complete on your consignor release and crib checklist.  You will fill out your consignor information and if eligible receive your Pre-Sale pass for our Volunteer Banana Bash. Lastly you will also schedule your Pick Up appointment.   

Pick-Ups will be
Sunday, April 2, 2017 from 8pm - 10pm  
Monday, April 3, 2017 from 9am -12pm