• Consignor Checklist

Register to Be a Consignor (MSM)

  • $15 Nonrefundable Consignor Fee paid through PayPal
  • Agree to Consignor Agreement and Release on MSM

Gather All Items That You Wish to Consign

  • View Accepted Items and Recalled Items to help you decide what you can sell

Returning Consignors Activate Inventory from Last Sale

  • Access your account and work with consigned inventory
  • Work with INACTIVE inventory
  • View all unsold/non donated inventory from previous sale
  • Manually select the items that are Seasonally Appropriate for the current sale. It is crucial that you only activate inventory that you are consigning at the current sale.
  • Select make selected inventory ACTIVE for upcoming sale
  • Now all inventory entered from the Previous Sale is active for the current sale.

 Prepare Your Items

  • Clean your items
  • Categorize your items
  • Group Clothing by gender and size 

Price Items

  • Refer to Pricing Guide
  • Log into MySaleManager
  • Enter items into Inventory

Tag Items

  • Print tags for items on 60-67lb cardstock through MySaleManager
  • Refer to Tagging Guide

Schedule Your Volunteer Zookeeper Shift  in My Sale Manager

  • 1- 3-hour shift shop the Consignor Pre Sale Banana Bash from 7pm-9pm.
  • 2- 3-hour shifts shop the Consignor Pre Sale Banana Bash from 5pm-9pm. Consignors additionally earn 5% profit of their sold merchandise!
  • 3 or more- 3-hour shifts shop the Consignor Pre Sale Banana Bash from 5pm-9pm. Shop the 1/2 off Presale Saturday 5pm-7pm.

Schedule Your Drop Off Time in My Sale Manager (MSM) 

Drop Off Your Items

  • Bring Printed Consignor Agreement, "Active Inventory" List and Crib Checklist if applicable. 
  • Be advised that there is a $3 service fee if you do not bring the printed items as required to complete checkin.
  • Schedule a Pick Up Time for your unsold (non donated) items.

Go Bananas Shopping at Monkey in the Middle

  • Remember Volunteers get early shopping privileges

Public Sale Hours

Friday, October 16, 2015~ 12-8pm
Saturday, October 17, 2015~ 11am-5pm
Sunday, October 18, 2015~ 10am-3pm (50% off many items)

Consignor Pre-sale Banana Bash- Thursday, October 15~ 5pm-9pm
Baby Monkey Pre-sale - Friday, October 16~  9am-10:00am
Military and Public Service Pre-sale- Friday, October 16~ 10:30 am- 11:30 am
Grandparents Sale - Saturday, October 17~ 10am-11am
Volunteer 1/2 off Pre-sale- Saturday, October 17~  5-7pm

Pick Up Unsold (undonated) Items at Scheduled Time

  • Sunday 6pm-9pm
  • Monday 9am-12am

Receive Check For Sold Items Via Mail