Consign with Us & Earn Up to 70% 

Sell baby and kids items to earn money $

at the Spring/Summer Sales event
March 30-April 2, 2017


There are so many incredible benefits of consignment!  So often our children only wear some of their clothes several times or simply grow out of them before we can even use them! Many toys are just played with a few times and then banished to a corner.  Consignment gives families the opportunity to SELL and SHOP for these items that are in excellent condition or often new. Particularly in these tough economic times… being able to make and save money is always a great thing. Consignment is a benefit to the community as a whole and consignment is just plain Green!! Ensuring that all items get their full use truly helps us all!  

Simply register and enter your items online.  You set the price, describe the item and print the tags.  At the end of the sale you the consignor decides to pick up unsold items or to allow us to donate them to a local charity. You have total control of your items~

Reduce, Reuse, Rewear.......Leave a Smaller Footprint on Earth!

Click here to register to consign

Why Should I SELL- Consign My items at Monkey in the Middle?

  • You will make more money than selling your items at a Garage Sale, on Craigslist, facebook resale pages or on eBay.
  • You will save TIME and $$$$ by entering your items online and simply dropping them off at the 3-day event for us to SELL.  
  • Your items will be viewed by 1,000's of buyers during the 3-day sales event! We advertise the consignment sales Online, via Email, Flyer Advertising, Advertisement in After School Magazine, Desert Kids and various Newsletters, internet marketing, Social Media and more. We bring the SHOPPERS for your items to SELL.
  • You will SELL many of your items in just one 3-day weekend consignment event as opposed to weeks or months with other alternatives!
  • You conveniently drop off your items at the location before the sale begins and we display and SELL your items for you.
  • All consignors earn 65% of the total profit from all items sold without ever having to volunteer at the sale. If you work just two 3-hour Zookeeper Volunteer shifts you earn 70% of your total sales.
  • As a Consignor you price your own items. You have total control of the price you SELL each item for; we offer a pricing guide but it is your discretion to use this tool. During the sale we do not negotiate the price with buyers. 
  • For each consigned item you can chose to discount the item on the 50% off sale. We suggest all items considered for donation be discounted 1st.
  • You are also given the option to donate your unsold inventory to our selected charities. This is an item by item option.  We donate all our items to locally run and operated California charities.
  • List, Tag and Prepare your items from home at your convenience.  Use the MySale Manager program to list and track all your sale items from your own computer.
  • Consignment is the Perfect solution to SELL-SHOP-SAVE........

As a reminder consignor registration is nonrefundable.  In some cases we will transfer your registration to the following sale, this is a case by case decision made at the discretion of Monkey in the Middle Owners.