Monkey in the Middle Tagging Guide

How to Enter Your Items Online

1. First you will need to REGISTER and create your online Monkey in the Middle account in MySale Manager.

2. Once your account has been created you can begin managing your inventory in MySale Manager. You will begin by entering your items and creating their tags.

MySale Manager will ask for the following information on each tag:

  • Category. Choose a category from the drop down menu that best describes the item you are listing (i.e. for a boys pair of pants, you will select boys clothing). If the category of the item is not listed you can leave it blank.
  • Size. If entering a clothing item select the size from the drop down menu under the category. Choose the size that best describes your item.
  • Item Description. Include a brief description of the item you are listing. (i.e.: Gap Monkey Tee and Gap Denim Jeans). If you need more room you can use the 2nd description box below. Giving a detailed description of your items helps if/when a tag becomes separated from an item.
  • Price. Set your own price. Refer to the Pricing Guide to help you best-set prices for your items to sell. Remember that prices should be set at 25-40% of the original retail price. All items must be priced in increments of 0.50.

    • If you price your items fairly they will sell and buyers will continue to shop Monkey in the Middle for future purchases!
  • Quantity. This box allows you to add more than one tag at a time if you are selling multiple items with the same price and description.
  • Discount. Check the box if you choose to discount your item by 50% to be sold Sunday at our half price sale. We suggest choosing to discount the item especially if you are planning to donate it.
  • Donate. You will check this box to donate the item if it does not sell. All items will be donated to our locally selected charities.
  • Submit. After you have selected all the appropriate and necessary information about your item click submit. The item is then added to your online inventory. Continue this process until you have added tags for every one of the items you will be selling.

    • Note: If you do not see all the items you are adding in your Inventory you will want to check the box that says "By default". Only the last 5 items entered show. By checking this all items you have entered in your inventory will show.
    • You can also Delete Items singularly or in multiples. As well as Discount or Donate items you may have overlooked.
  • Save: Make sure you save your tags as you go. Mysale manager will time you out after 15 minutes so periodically saving as you go will prevent you from losing items you have entered.
  • Finished. After you are finished creating your tags you will click the I'm Finished For Now button. This will bring you back to your account page.
  • Preview. Before you print we suggest that you Print Preview your tags to make sure there is a clear and legible Bar Code on each tag. We cannot accept items with tags that do not have clearly printed bar codes.

    • Note. If there is NO bar code on your tags in the Consignor Tag window you will either need to:
    • Disable your pop-up blocker on your internet or
    • Use Internet Explorer and not Firefox. Sometimes consignors have trouble when printing in Firefox.
    • For Apple and Mac computer users, you need to scale your tags to make them larger since Apple computers tend to print tags much small. If they are not scaled and print small the barcode on the tag will not scan on the items tag.  
  • Print. Once you are ready you are ready to Tag your items select Print and all of your created tags will be printed for your entered inventory. Don't forget to use white 60-67lb cardstock when printing your tags.

    • Note: If you have signed out and are logging back in you will click on the "work with consigned inventory" link. Then select the link for either Print All Tags or Print Selected Tags. You can either print them all at once or print the individually selected ones if you have already previously printed some.
    Tag Sample

This is a Sample Tag for reference.

Tagging Your Items. 
After you have printed your Tags you need to cut them and make individual tags for each item being sold. Consignors can use safety pins, a tagging gun, and packaging tape. For the safety of our shoppers and small children we ask that you do not use staples, needles, and straight pins for tagging your items. Should you use these we will kindly ask that you remove them and replace with approved materials.

How to Tag Your Items

All items must be carefully inspected. Accepted items cannot be stained, soiled, faded, pilled, torn, have holes, be missing buttons, clasps or snaps, have broken or separating zippers, animal hair or unpleasant odors. We suggest all fabric items be ironed before tagging.  Items must be in good working order and complete with no missing parts and free from wear and tear, as well as extensive Sun Damage and Fading.

The Most important Rule when tagging your items is to make sure the tag is SECURE. Be advised that if tags become separated from an item and is not able to be located in the system we are not able to sell the item since the consignor cannot be properly compensated. This is why we encourage all items to be securely tagged as well as properly described.

  • Make Sure your items will stay on the hangers.
  • Make sure all Boxes, Bags and Ziploc Bags are taped Shut with packing tape to ensure that the contents of the bag are not removed or able to spill out.

  • Make sure items with many parts and multiple pieces are taped securely together.
    DO NOT TAPE OVER BARCODES. Even though packing tape is clear, it interferes with the scanners used at checkout. Make sure your barcodes are crisp and that you can see white in between the black lines.


Use a tagging gun and or safety pins to tag all clothing items.  Be mindful when tagging children's clothing it is often thin fabric and securley tagging can easily make holes in the garment. When tagging with safety pins please tag along a collar seam. When using a tagging gun, tag through the size/brand tag, or in a thicker seam. If buyers see visible holes from tagging they will not buy the item.

  • Hang all clothing items on appropriately sized hangers with the hook facing left to look like a "?". Make sure that the article of clothing is facing left when lying flat. Clothing should be seasonally appropriate for the sale and styles need to be current.
  • Freshly launder all garments and iron or use a wrinkle release spray. Ironing your items will draw more interest and make the item more desirable.  Button all buttons, snap all snaps, tie all bows and zip all zippers.
  • Two piece outfits/sets. Pin outfits securely together by hanging the shirt on the hanger first, then flip the hanger around and pin the second item "back to back". Don't attach bottoms inside the shirt; this will hinder the buyer's ability to clearly see the items. Pin the waistband of the pants or skirt to the shoulders of the shirt. Make sure to catch the hanger with the safety pin to let the hanger carry the weight of the bottoms. Pinning to the back or bottom of the shirt can cause clothing to tear. Pinning outfits/sets like this allows for both pieces to be easily seen, protects the garments and ensures that the outfit/set does not get separated. (See Photo Below)
  • Pants, skirts, & bottoms must be securely pinned to the hanger. This ensures that the item will not end up on the floor and therefore un-shopable. DO NOT fold pants over the bottom of the hanger. (See Photo Below)
  • Clothing items sold with coordinating accessories like socks, tights, belts, hats, hair accessories etc. are best placed in a Ziploc bag. Secure the bag with packing tape and pin to the front left of the hanger.
  • Attach the tag on the right side (as you are looking at it) of the clothing (over the heart). **Pictured above


Shoes must be clean on top and bottom with no major signs of wear and have no scuffing. They must also be odor free.

  • Shoes are to be zip-tied or placed in a Ziploc bag.
  • If zip-tied the tag must be securely attached to the shoe with a safety pin. Tags attached with tape usually come off.
  • Shoes placed in a Ziploc bag must be taped shut with the tag securely taped on the outside of the bag.
** Pictured above


Must be clean. Free from scuffing, debris, marking, stickers etc. All toys must be in working order and include all working parts. ALL battery operated must have batteries and will be tested to see that they are in working order.

  • Tags must be securely attached with packing tape. Make sure the tag is placed somewhere secure that will not damage the item in anyway. Do not place tape over the barcode.
  • Small parts/pieces should be Ziploc bagged and taped securely to the toy.
    It is inevitable that "Little Monkeys" will handle Toys during the sale so be sure your toys are properly prepared and tagged. Monkey in the Middle is not responsible for damage to the toy once on the floor.

Bedding & Blankets

Must be freshly laundered. Free of stains, rips, and tears. Blankets, Bedding, Pillows, and anything that has soft fabric should be safety pinned or tagged, with a tagging gun, securely on the fabric. Make sure the tag is visible.
** Pictured Above

Furniture & Baby Gear

Must be in Gently Used Condition. These items must be Clean. Any Fabric laundered and replaced. Free from Wear and Tear, as well as Extensive Sun Damage and Fading. These items must be in compliance with all safety guidelines and not be recalled. Be sure to check the CPSC website or Google to find out if an item has been recalled or has safety issues.
All baby gear and furniture must be fully assembled at drop-off.

  • Small parts/pieces should be bagged and securely taped to the main item with clear packing tape. If you have the manual for the item, we suggest you include it.
  • Anything with a hard surface can be tagged with packing tape. Make sure the tag is securely placed somewhere it won't damage the item in anyway. DO NOT TAPE OVER THE BAR CODES.
  • Baby Carriers & Slings. Safety pin these items to a hanger, with the hook facing left to look like a "?", to ensure they do not fall on the floor. Then securely pin the tag to the upper right hand side (when looking a it).

All Other Loose items

Items like socks, multiple hair accessories and small toys are best sold in Ziploc bags and taped securely shut with the tag securely taped to the outside of the bag.

Items like hats, bibs, bottles etc. can be securely tagged with safety pins and or packing tape.

Drop Off

Please bring your items grouped by size & gender. Use rubber bands to keep hangers of the same size together for easy check-in during drop off appointment. 

Loss/Theft & Damages

Unfortunately, loss and damages can happen at these types of events. As a consignor you must sign your consignor agreement stating that Monkey in the Middle is not responsible for loss, theft or damage of all items submitted and sold at our consignment events. Be assured that we take every precaution to keep your items secured and safe.

Please note that Monkey in the Middle reserves the right to pull items off the sale floor during the event or reject items at drop-off that we consider over priced or not appropriately prepared and or tagged.