Prepping Your Items for Consignment

Supplies Needed

  • Wire Hangers (99 Cent Store, Dollar Tree, Wal-Mart, Target, Dry Cleaner)
  • Safety pins
  • Zip ties
  • Packing Tape
  • Ziploc Bags (If needed for multi piece items)
  • 60-67lb white Cardstock Paper (to print tags on)


Wire Adult size hangers are easiest to pin through. You will not get your hangers back, so purchasing hangers from your local 99 cent store, Dollar Tree, Wal-Mart, Target or Dry Cleaners will be most cost effective. We will also be selling Hangers in sets of 50 for $5.
Safety Pins will be used to hold your clothes on the hanger and tags on the clothes (should you choose not to use a tagging gun). Please use the one inch or larger size. Do not use clothes pins to hold your items on the hanger, they won't stay on. Do not use staples to attach tags to your clothing, they will not come off. Do not use any straight pins as they have a high chance of poking shoppers.

Zip ties

Are used to keep shoes together or attach other accessories or small pieces.

Ziploc bags

Perfect for shoes, accessories, toys, groups of books, multiple burps cloths, towels, receiving blankets etc. Tape the bags shut with the tag on the outside. Large storage bags can hold bedding sets, multi-part toys, and matching/coordinating items to large assembled pieces,  if you no longer have the original packaging.

Packing Tape

Will allow you to secure all parts to toys and tags to non-clothing items. Please do not tape tags on soft items like stuffed animals or bedding – they will not stay on.

Do not tape over the barcodes on your tags.

White Cardstock Paper.

All tags must be printed on 60-70 lb White Cardstock. Plain paper tags won't hold up to all the handling they'll receive. You can find 60-70 lb cardstock at office supply stores, Craft Stores and Wal-Mart.

How to Prepare your items to Sell

When Preparing your items be mindful that the better your items look the more likely they are to sell and the more money you will get for them. Thoroughly inspect the items you are including in the sale. Make sure they are in Gently Used condition free from damage and excessive wear.

Remember if You Wouldn't Buy it, Don't Sell it.

Keep a donation box close by when preparing your items. If you find an item is not something you would purchase or buy it is probably not suitable for the sale.

The following Guidelines will help you Prepare your items.


  • Needs to be carefully inspected. Accepted clothing cannot be stained, soiled, faded, pilled, torn, have holes, missing buttons or snaps, broken zippers or clothing that has unpleasant odors.
  • Freshly launder all garments removing all stains. Zip all zippers, fasten and snap all snaps. Replace missing buttons and button all items. 
  • Hang all clothing items on hangers hook facing left (like a question mark ?). This is to ensure that buyers can easily look through the racks and see all the clothing facing them. All items need to be pinned to the hanger to help ensure your item doesn't slip off the hanger. Attach your printed tags with the tagging gun or a safety pin to the upper right front of the garment as you are facing it. See the Tagging Guide to help assist you in tag placement and proper pinning techniques.
  • Clothing tends to sell best as an outfit or set. Different brands sold together sell better than sold separately. If you paired them together, we suggest selling them together.
  • When pinning outfits and sets pin the first piece to the front of the hanger and tag. Then pin the second "back to back" to the back side of the hanger so it is easier for the buyers to see and shop.

  • Place all small accessories to be sold with the outfit (hair accessory, belts, socks and tights) in a zip-loc bag and secure with packaging tape. Including these items with the outfit will allow you to increase the selling price.
  • Loose items like socks, small accessories and small toys should be placed inside a Ziploc bag, taped securely shut with the tag taped on the outside of the bag.


We accept children's sized shoes newborn-children's 7. Shoes must be clean on top and bottom with no major signs of wear and have no scuffing (Scuffs can be removed from shoes with Mr. Clean Magic Eraser).

  • Shoes need to be attached to each other. The most secure way to do this is with small zip ties.
  • Shoes that can't be zip tied can easily be placed in Ziploc bags. Be sure to tape the bag securely closed to prevent them from being removed from the bags.
  • Shoes have a tendency to become separated and their tags so proper care in tagging is very important.
  • No shoeboxes will be allowed.


Must be clean. It is best to clean in all crevices, launder (and reattach) any and all fabric, and remove any scuffing, debris, marking, stickers etc. All toys must be in working order and include all working parts. ALL battery operated must have batteries and will be tested to see that they are in working order. The items will sell faster and for more money if the seller can see exactly how the item works.

  • Smaller and infant toys should be sold in Ziploc Bags to keep them together. Attach the tag to the outside of the bag.
  • All items with multiple pieces must be secured, all pieces be tapped and fully assembled.
  • All puzzles (We only accept new boxed puzzles due to the risk of missing pieces. We do accept wooden puzzles as long as all pieces included), board games etc. must include all pieces. Please Tape boxes closed and tape price tag securely to the box.
  • VHS Tapes, DVD's, Games, and CD's.
  Must be in working condition free of scratches. Must be Original not Pirated. Please include original cases as well so the buyer can know what they are buying and look at the content of the item. Tape all tags to the back side of the DVD/Videos/Games so the front is visible.

  • Books. Must be in gently used and excellent condition. All pages must be intact, with no earmarks, folded pages, writing or damage of any sort. Tags are best taped to the backside of the books. Tape can tear books covers so keep that in mind before you tag. Any book that might be damaged by a tag should be securely placed in a ziploc bag with the tag taped to the outside.  Book sets should also be securely packaged in a Ziploc bag so they are sold all together.

Bedding & Blankets

Must be freshly laundered. Free of stains, rips, and tears. Please note that you will be held liable for a refund in the event the item is damaged when removed from the bag (if noticed within the 1st 24 hours after purchase). All pieces of bedding must be included or stated as otherwise.

  • Place all bedding and blankets in a large clear bag. If the original package is not available, we recommend XL and XXL sized Ziploc bags (these can be found at the Dollar store, Wal-Mart and Target). Securely Attach tag with clear packing tape to the outside of bag.  Be sure that the bag is securely shut.
  • Some Blankets and Specialty Bedding will sell better if hung.

Large Items

Must be in Gently Used Condition. These items must be Clean. Any Fabric laundered and replaced. Free from Wear and Tear, as well as Extensive Sun Damage and Fading. These items must be in compliance with all safety guidelines and not be recalled. Be sure to check the CPSC website or Google to find out if an item has been recalled or has safety issues.

  • It is required that you assemble all large items at the time of your drop-off. These large items will sell quicker for top $ if shoppers can see what the item looks like fully assembled.
  • Make sure that all parts, pieces and/or manuals are included. If you do not have the manual we will still accept the item, though manuals give added value and benefit.
  • Multi Piece Tagging. If you have a large item with multiple pieces that might get separated we ask that you multi tag it. Only print a tag for the main part then put a piece of masking tape on the extra pieces and label them with your consigner number and a number identifying each piece. (1 of 4, 2 of 4, etc.).
  • Large ticket items like furniture, strollers, hi-chairs, swings, bouncers, excersaucers, pack and plays, outdoor play structures, bikes, playhouses etc. usually sell within the first few hours of the sale.

All Other items.

Make sure to thoroughly clean and inspect all other items. Be sure you have included and securely attached and tagged all pieces appropriately.  Please notes that if the tag falls off or gets lost we cannot sell the item(s) unless the appropriate tag with the matching description is found.

Use your discretion when preparing all items for sale.

Remember the more care you put into cleaning and tagging your items the more money you will get for the items and the faster they will sell!!