Items for Monkey in the Middle Consignment Events

Monkey in the Middle is a GENTLY USED Consignment event.  ALL ITEMS must be NEW or in Excellent Condition free from signs of wear and tear, excessive use or play, no damage or missing pieces and in current style and trend to be accepted for our Sale(s). Clothing and fabric items must be free of stains, wash and wear fading, odors, holes, tears, pilling, fraying, unfinished seams, broken zippers, and missing or mismatched buttons. Items must be freshly cleaned, laundered and ironed (if apparel or other wrinkled fabric).  All battery-operated items must include all batteries and be in 100% working condition. Items with multiple pieces must be sold complete with all pieces/parts and be in working/functioning order. Selling recalled products is strictly prohibited. All consignors are REQUIRED to check for recalled products via the Recall Page and or CPSC. You will check in every item being sold at your selected appointment on your Drop off Day, any unacceptable items will be sent home with the consignor. This is for quality control purposes so that we maintain the highest level of quality items being sold at our events. Please understand that we do not mean to offend our consignors these high standards are in place to assure those shopping the event are purchasing gently used high quality items. We reserve the right to refuse items that we feel are not acceptable.


Clothing sizes Preemie to 16.  No adult sizes allowed.

  • Each consignor is limited to 20 items per sex, per size on sizes 0-9 months.  (ie: preemie, newborn, 0-3, 3-6, 6-9).  Unfortunately we must limit these smaller sizes as they do not sell as well as the older sizes.  There are no limits on sizes over 12 months.

Maternity Clothing & Nursing Wear. No older than 3 years.

All Clothing must be seasonally appropriate Your items will sell best during their appropriate season.  

  • Spring/Summer Sale:  Please leave all coats, wool or sherpa sweaters, turtlenecks Christmas/Holiday outfits, snow attire, Halloween costumes, etc. for the Fall Sale.

  • Fall/Winter Sale:  No Easter or 4th of July Outfits. 

Due to the weather conditions in the Coachella Valley area of California we accept both short/long sleeve shirts, flip flops & sandals, long pants/jeans, cotton sweaters/sweatshirts and light-weight jackets at both sales.

Dress Up Clothing. Princess Dresses, Pretend Costumes (Doctor, Firefighter, Police Officer etc.).  These items sell best if purchased but we do accept High Quality Handmade items in the category.

  • Halloween costumes only accepted at the Fall sale.

Hats & Hair Accessories. Sell best if paired with a matching outfit or sold in sets.  Please be sure they are properly cleaned and free of lice before consigning.

Tights & Socks.  Socks must be NEW or attached to coordinating outfits. Socks cannot be sold individually if used they must be sold in sets of 3 or more. 

Shoes.  Infant and Toddler size Newborn to 13 and Kids Shoes size 1-7.  No adult size shoes will be accepted. 

  • Shoes MUST be CLEAN, on the top, inside, and on the bottom/sole.  They must be in EXCELLENT condition free of scuffs, stains, tears, or odors. Soles must be free of all debris.  Shoes must have laces free of pilling and or breaks.

Sports Attire. Un-Personalized Sports Attire of all seasons is welcome. (Leotards, soccer shorts, baseball pants, jerseys, cleats, safety guards etc.)


Toys. Sell best if they are branded.  They must be clean and in good working condition. Batteries MUST be included with toys that are battery operated.  Toys must be sold 100% complete with all pieces and parts included.  They need to be free of excessive play, fading, or worn out pieces.

Stuffed Animals. New & gently used only. No animals from vending machines/games. No animals with odors or tears.

Bikes, Trikes & Scooters.  All free from scratches and scuffs. Tires must be in excellent condition with tread still visible. No added stickers or decals.

Outdoor Play Equipment. Must have all original hardware.  Minimal Sun damage/fading Allowed. No items with animal odors or debris will be allowed.

Books. No torn Pages. No writing or Personalization.  Published before 1995.

Puzzles. We only accept new boxed puzzles due to the risk of missing pieces.  We do accept wooden puzzles as long as all pieces are included. Puzzles can not have lifting or missing images.

Games. All games must have the original packaging and instructions. Games older than 2000 will not be accepted.

DVD’s & VHS Movies. Must be Original not Pirated versions, they must have the  original cover and be in working condition.  No R rated Movies accepted.

Video & Leap Frog Games. Sell with or without the video console (i.e. Leapster, Wii, PlayStation).


Baby Gear.  All items must be CLEAN(ed) free of food and crumbs, stains and or spills. Items with material covers must be freshly laundered and vacuumed.  Items must be 100% functioning and have all the necessary parts and batteries (include original straps and safety accessories).  Items will be tested at drop off to ensure proper function and order.

•  Baby gear must be newer than 5 years old.

•  No recalled, or damaged gear will be accepted. Check all items on the CPSC.

Items Include:


Strollers and accessories

Bouncer Seats

Pack-n-Plays & Play Pens





Baby Carriers (Baby Bjorn, Slings, Moby Wraps Backpacks etc.)

Diaper Bags

Diaper Pails & Potty Chairs- cleaned, bleached, odor free, batteries if needed.

Baby Monitors

Boppy Pillows and Covers

Shopping Cart Covers


Child Safety- safety gates, car safety, cabinet locks, plug covers, bed rails, etc.

Bottles/Sippy Cups (BPA-Free and excellent condition, no bite marks)

Breast Pumps- must be newer than 5 years, sterilized, and include all working parts. 


Furniture.  Furniture must be appropriate for a nursery or child's/kids room up to teens. 

Cribs.  All cribs manufactured after June 28, 2011 will be accepted.  Cribs manufactured between July 23, 2010 and June 28, 2011 must meet the criteria listed below. 

  • Must have a certificate of compliance from the crib manufacturer or the crib retailer.
  • Date of manufacture must be on the crib
  • If the crib has been recalled it must have documentation of a manufacturer approved recall fix.
  • Crib must have all original parts
  • Owner must know the history of the crib
  • Must include all pieces and be assembled at drop-off. 

  • No drop down side cribs will be accepted.

  • Use Crib Checklist as a guide for selling your crib

Bassinets & Cradles

Crib Mattresses twin mattresses not accepted

Toddler Beds.  Must include all pieces and be assembled at drop-off. They may not be sold with the crib conversion kit.

Bedding Sets & Blankets.  Bedding sets MUST be tagged together as full sets to prevent pieces from going missing and damage to the sets. We suggest hanging all bedding sets for better visibility.

  • We welcome any crib and cradle sheeting and blankets.  We DO NOT accept bumpers due to the guidelines released by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Gliders & Rockers

Changing Tables, Dressers, Night Stands

Nursery Decor (lamps, rugs, pictures/prints, etc..)

Kids Tables & Chairs, Bookshelves, & Storage



We strive to offer Coachella Valley families an unsurpassed opportunity to purchase gently used, high quality and brand name items at a fraction of the retail price.  This is the very reason that Monkey in the Middle Consignment Event will not accept the following items.

• Clothing not Seasonally-Appropriate

• Clothing that is stained, soiled, faded, pilled, torn, has holes, missing or            mismatched buttons or snaps, broken zippers or clothing with unpleasant odors, animal  
  hair or other debris.

• Clothing that is older than 5 years or out of date styles.  Our Shoppers are looking for
  brand name items in current style and trend.  

• We do not accept Juniors and Adult Clothing or Shoes.

• We do not accept maternity undergarments (bras or underwear) unless New with original

Clothing items from the following stores are Not Accepted:  

Target- Circo 
Kmart- Route 66, Toughskins, Wonderkids etc. 

Wal-Mart- Faded Glory, Garanimals, Baby Works, Kid Works, Athletic Works, Baby Connection, Kid Connection, Girl Connection and Healthtex etc. 

  • These brands retail "new" at affordable prices.  Because of this they are not likely sold a second time at these events. 
  • We do accept most Target Brands, but do strongly suggest they be priced low in order to sell.  
  • Be advised that other brands may not be accepted on a case by case basis.


  • No out of date, recalled or damaged toys.
  • No items that could be considered dangerous to be out on the sale floor (guns, darts, etc).

  • Hand Painted Toys, due to the potential for lead-based paint, are not accepted.

  • Soft vinyl bath toys, Vinyl books, and Soft vinyl Infant toys cannot be accepted due to BPA regulations.

  • Generic stuffed animals, vending machine prizes, carnival toys etc.

Gear & Equipment

Car Seats.  Car Seats cannot have been in an accident.  They must be no more than 4 years old, check the sticker on the bottom for the date of manufacture before bringing it to the sale.

  • All travel systems must comply with these car seat guidelines.
  • You must comply and agree to these guidelines when signing the waiver during registration on the sellers agreement.

Accordion Style Baby Gates

Bath Seats manufactured before 2007

Used Breastpump Accessories

Open/Used Pacifiers.  We only accept New Pacifiers.


Cribs. All cribs must meet the criteria listed above under Accepted items (cribs).  All cribs must also comply with current federal guidelines found in 16 CFR 1219 for full-size cribs and with 16 CFR 1220, the current federal guidelines for non-full-size cribs. Only cribs manufactured after July 23, 2010 meet these standards. View and Print the Crib Checklist for guidelines.

  • Due to the recent crib recalls, we will not accept any cribs with drop down sides.

Crib Bumpers.  Due to the guidelines released by the American Academy of Pediatrics we no longer accept Crib Bumpers. We do accept all other crib and cradle bedding. 

We will not accept any out of date or recalled children's products and or toys.

You may reference the following resources to ensure that your items have not been recalled, are under recall review or have been deemed unsafe for children (CSPSC).

  • WeMakeItSafer recall database.

  • Consumer Product Safety Commission's Searchable Recall list. A searchable listing of ALL recalled products. (Choose the appropriate item category and click "Find")

  • We ask that you check CPSC's list of Dangerous & Recalled Consumer Products Reference Guide for any and all consigned items.

If we find any items do not meet these high quality standards for safety and quality purposes these items will not be accepted at drop-off.  We will also continually inspect items during the sale, and reserve the right to remove items from the sale floor if we deem it necessary.

~ If you have any questions about items you can consign please contact us at